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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Amazing Printer: Magnolia Editions

So, if you have been following the project, you may already know that we are being a bit untraditional as far as the actual murals on the utility boxes. Instead of having the artists paint right on the box, they will create a design to be printed on polymer, then affixed to the box - essentially, a giant sticker (one that lasts for several years!). Magnolia Editions, a fine arts printer located in Oakland, California is making this all possible!

A bit more on Magnolia from their web site:
"Magnolia Editions is a fine art print studio in Oakland, California. We provide artists with technical expertise and access to an old-world handmade papermaking facility, etching presses, a powerful automated cutting machine, and large pigment-based electronic printing processes. For over two decades we have worked closely with artists to produce and publish print multiples, unique artist's prints, works on paper and textiles, utilizing both traditional printing methods and the most advanced digital printing and Jacquard weaving techniques...Magnolia Editions has a long tradition of working with artists to produce limited editioned prints using a wide range of processes and tools, from traditional intaglio etching techniques to the latest digital technologies."

We are so excited to work with them on the 60 Boxes Project! And seriously, check them out - they are so friendly, not to mention talented!

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