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Monday, April 11, 2011


The 60 Boxes Project is holding a design competition for Berkeley Youth to participate in the 60 Boxes Public Art Project!

This project will put art on 60 Utility Boxes in downtown Berkeley!

Submit a design for a utility box by May 15th! THE WINNERS WILL BE GIVEN A $200 STIPEND!

All designs must incorporate the theme "Sustainability"
what does that mean? it is up to you! How do you envision a sustainable future? healthy diet habits? a healthy environment? buying locally? recycling? riding your bike?...... get creative!

Just remember: all designs will be judged by the City of Berkeley's Civic Arts Commission and they follow the following guidelines:

"Artwork is selected on its aesthetic merits. Art will be chosen with appropriate regard for the nature of the space and the audience. This gallery addresses the viewer directly on the public right of way. Art must exhibit a high degree of consideration for the full range of citizens’ sensitivities to violence, sexual expression and negative portrayals of diverse populations."

email for an application!!
or call: 510.859.9154

the boxes we have reserved for youth are located at:

The corner of Martin Luther King and Center Street
The corner of Martin Luther King and Allston
The corner of Milvia and Allston
The corner of Martin Luther King and Bancroft
The corner of Hearst and Shattuck
The corner of Durant and Milvia

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