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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sponsorship Facts

by Elyce Klein

Your financial support goes to the Earth Island Institute (EII) and is fully tax deductible. Additionally, you can team up with another like-minded business, organization or individual to sponsor a box!

This map shows the locations of utility boxes throughout the city. Several of them have already been sponsored, but some have not. By sponsoring a box, you will be able to select the artist you wish to work with - either from a roster given to you by EII or with an artist of your choosing. All artists and designs must be approved by the City of Berkley's Civic Arts Commission, but EII ensures an easy and streamlined process for everyone involved.

"Sustainability" is the overarching theme of the project, but as a platinum level sponsor, the specifics are your choice. Potential designs include encapsulating healthy lifestyles, buying local, transportation, renewable energy, fostering community, music education, and more!

All designs will be printed onto polymer stickers and affixed to the boxes for three years.

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