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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions about the Streets Alive project's call for artists?

We had an artist contact us today with some great questions...we thought we'd share the questions, and the answers here!

Q: Do you want the Artist statement of interest, resume and references included in the initial submission package, or do you first screen the submissions and only ask for those from artists whose work you select to proceed to the next stage?

A: Feel free to submit your artist statement and resume now. However, It is not required at this stage. If you are selected in the review process we will request these items from you.

Q: It's not clear to me whether you want each side of the utility box to be an independent image with a message or if one side of the box can convey the primary message with the other 3 sides attracting attention to the primary side.

A: The design aesthetic is up to you while you submit your design idea. We have three boxes up already, if you would like to look at them. If you go to our website: you can find that information.

The locations of the boxes are also on the website.

* also think about how the community will interact with these boxes. we do want to discourage graffitti, so that generally means we don't want a lot of white space, or blank space, on the boxes.

 Q:  I am not finding the size specifications on the website.  To submit properly scaled design concepts, would you please tell me the sizes of each side of the utility boxes?

A: The boxes are all different sizes. If your design idea is selected we will assign you a box and you will need to redo the design to scale. In other words, you do not need to scale your design concept. Just know one thing: the boxes are taller than they are wide (per side).

You are submitting a "concept" and if selected you will be required to develop a "final" piece of work based on the box assigned and feedback from the Civic Arts Commission and UC Berkeley.

Q:  As I will be submitting photographs, it might make more sense to send a photograph that has been scored so you can simply fold it into the shape of a utility box to see how it will look.  It seems it would defeat the purpose to have to submit each side on a separate sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

A: Photographs are great! Please submit whatever design you are sending on something that is 8 1/2 x 11" in size. It does not have to be separate pages for each side, you can combine all four sides on one page if you wish. The size is necessary for the way we share designs and documents with our selection panel. (if you are submitting photographs, make sure you took them and they are your original work). 

Q: What does the approval process look like? 

A: this is the general approval and implementation framework. For this call specific to UC Berkeley "Sponsor" means "the University of California, Berkeley"