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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Q&A with Jennifer McDougall, UC Berkeley Principal Planner

Meet Jennifer McDougall
Principal Planner
UC Berkeley Physical and Environmental Planning

Q: What have you learned so far, working on this project?

A: I’ve learned to admire the Earth Island Institute, and the work they do facilitating environmental activists.  (No one paid me to say that!)  Our selection committee includes the campus landscape architect; a staff member at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive who works with young artists; and is supplemented by representatives of the City’s art commission.  Also my colleague Kira Stoll from the campus Office of Sustainability who is a photographer herself.  All people with much more refined sensibilities than mine, and I have enjoyed hearing meaningful discussion of art.  It can be more than just a matter of what you like!

Q: What is UC Berkeley’s selection criteria for the designs to be installed on the 7 boxes designated to the CAL community?

A: Our chief selection criteria is that the designs we select are beautiful or evocative.  To be considered, though, the designs need a sustainability theme, and the artist needs to have some affiliation with UC Berkeley, as student, alumnus, or employee of the campus.

Q: What do you hope will come out of this project for the UC Berkeley community?

A: The project overall is asking people to notice and take care of our environment.  I hope the project will help our campus community notice and care for our shared public spaces, too.  The fact that we’re part of a larger project perfectly demonstrates how campus and city are aligned in so many ways, share so many interests, and both want to thrive while protecting the planet.
Artist, Robbin Légère Henderson with Jennifer McDougall, Jim Horner (Campus Landscape Architect, UC Berkeley - Capital Projects), and Kira Stoll (UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability) on Oxford & Berkeley Way at the unveiling on April 24th, 2012!

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